Fortnite Dev Update Talks Weapon Accuracy and More

Epic Games has released a new developer update video for Fortnite, and the almost five minute video details a lot of changes that the developers are planning for the game. This video goes over changes to weapon accuracy, voice chat, and more. We have the video below, as well as a quick written overview!

Here is the tweet with the developer update video:

Let’s go over the contents of the video:

When is voice chat coming?

While voice chat is already coming, it will be coming to consoles soon. The developers recommend using Party Chat for the time being.

When will you add more weapons to Battle Royale?

Epic Games is currently working on re-balancing some of the weapons from the main game to bring to Battle Royale. Additionally, more consumables are being developed for Battle Royale.

Are there any more changes coming to weapon accuracy?

The developers are working on some accuracy changes to the assault rifles, and if  the changes stick, they’ll be rolling out an update for them next week. They are also working on other updates that make take longer to come out, such as reducing the accuracy spread while upping recoil.

What’s next?

Epic Games is working on a bunch of changes for Fortnite. There’s account progressions (essentially leveling up) and character customization in the works, and they’ll likely be integrated into each other. Of course, there’s also quality of life changes, such as adjustments made to aim assist, control alternatives on consoles, a visible grenade arc, and more.

What do you think of these upcoming improvements?

[Source: Twitter]