Get a Teaser of Dreams Ahead of PSX 2017

Media Molecule, creators of Tearaway and Little Big Planet, has released a teaser trailer for their latest title, Dreams. We reported yesterday that the title is going to make a showing at PlayStation Experience 2017, and this trailer is a taste at what’s to come. Dreams does not currently have a set release date.

Here is the cute little teaser trailer:

While much anticipated, Dreams has had a bit of a difficult development cycle. First revealed in 2015, the beta for Dreams is still supposed to release this year, but we don’t have an actual release date on the title yet. Alex Evans, the co-founder and technical director of Media Molecule, spoke about the technical aspects of the game:

A while back we stumbled on making entire dreams game code 1 simple vcproj, with everything just included as source. Only prebuilt dependency is PS4 SDK; 3rd party source included in [project] is Dear IMGUI plus a few single file [libraries].

Every previous project I’ve worked on (including earlier iterations of Dreams) has had various ‘engine’ [libraries], non-vendored 3rd party dependencies & its just constant minor friction in the IDE/tools. So much better as one single big [project].

People were also worried that Dreams being a no-show at the Paris Games Show was a bad sign, but Media Molecule assured we would have news soon. Seeing as they’re hyping up the title at PSX, it looks like we’ll have a lot to look forward to next month!

What are you hoping to see from Dreams during the PlayStation Experience 2017?