The Caligula Effect live stream

FuRyu Making Two Announcements About The Caligula Effect Next Week

The Caligula Effect developer FuRyu announced that they’ll be hosting a livestream to show off two “big news reveals” regarding the role-playing game. While the PlayStation Vita title is what its best known for, the series has also seen novels and CDs, so every announcement might not be game related. It’ll be streamed on YouTube on November 17 at 19:30 JST.

If the two announcements wind up being game announcements there are two likely ones: a remastered version of The Caligula Effect on PlayStation 4, and The Caligula Effect 2. We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for the livestream on November 17, and will report back once the announcements have been made.

For more on FuRyu’s role-playing game, check out my The Caligula Effect review. Here’s what I had to say about the Vita title:

A lot of video games attempt to say something, but rarely do they manage to leave a genuine impact by the time the credits begin to roll. In just 20 hours, The Caligula Effect tells an uplifting story that revolves around inner strength and coming face to face with one’s shortcomings. It may suffer from some annoying load times and a frame-rate that occasionally makes characters look as if they were wading through water, but that doesn’t take away from the touching story that Tadashi Satomi has come up with. Vita owners would do well to play Aquria’s best game to date, and remember that life is always worth the struggles.

FuRyu is set to make two announcements about The Caligula Effect on November 17. The original PlayStation Vita title is available now worldwide.

[Source: Gematsu]