SEGA has a Worldwide Teaser for a New Valkyria Project

SEGA has published a website for a new Valkyria Project teaser. This site is available in eight languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish. All of them lead to the exact same reveal date: November 20, which is exactly one week away from now. Although missing from the English version, the other languages have provided the exact timing of the reveal which will be launched simultaneously worldwide.

  • Japan and Korea: 12:00 JST/KST (UTC+9)
  • China: 11:00 CST (UTC+8)
  • France, Italy, Germany, and Spain: 04:00 AM CET (UTC+1)

That means the UK should expect this new Valkyria Project reveal to go live at 03:00 AM GMT, and America will be actually getting the live reveal on the night of November 19, at 22:00 Eastern Time and 19:00 Pacific Time.

Although SEGA doesn’t provide any further details on this new project, there have been hints that this new Valkyria game should be headed to consoles. The European versions already have a provisional PEGI 16 rating, while the English version has an ESRB icon. The Japanese game news site has also tagged the article for this Valkyria teaser with Home Console Games. So we can really expect this game to come at least to the PlayStation 4.

As we are awaiting the big reveal next week, there is one big question looming in our minds right now: What kind of Valkyria game will be revealed by this teaser? A brand-new sequel to the Valkyria Chronicles series, A glorified remake of Valkyria Chronicles 2 and/or 3, or another new Valkyria title in a similar vein to the recently released Valkyria Revolution? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Source: SEGA]