Trails of Cold Steel I is Coming Soon to PS4

It has been just a week since we heard about Nihon Falcom’s plans to bring the whole Trails of Cold Steel series to the PlayStation 4, and it looks like they have already started going through with that plan. The PS4 version of the first Trails of Cold Steel, with the subtitle Thors Military Academy 1024, will be released in Japan on March 8, 2018.

This PS4 remaster of the popular RPG that was originally released on PS3 and PS Vita (and also recently on Steam) sports a 60fps framerate, as well as 4K resolution support and enhanced audio quality. However, there is also a new feature of Turbo Skip mode where players will be able to speed up event cutscenes and event movements by 2x, and battles by 4x.

There are also some bonus incentives for longtime fans of Cold Steel series. If they still have a save data from the original Trails of Cold Steel on PS3 or Vita, they will be able to bring that directly to the PS4 version. And if they have played the latest release Trails of Cold Steel III, which has been recently out in Japan, they can use the save data to unlock New Game+ bonuses early such as costumes, maximum bonding points, and 300,000 money.

Trails of Cold Steel PS4 version

As this has just been announced in Japan, there has not been any confirmation on whether an English localization will be coming soon or not. On top of that, we still haven’t seen an English release of Trails of Cold Steel III either, so we’ll see which one gets localized first between that and Trails of Cold Steel I -Thors Military Academy 1204.

[Source: Nihon Falcom]