Versus Evil Unveils New Game At Sundown, Will be Available at PlayStation Experience

Earlier today, Versus Evil took to the PlayStation Blog to talk about two of their upcoming games, At Sundown and Let Them Come, the first of which will be available at the upcoming PlayStation Experience for all attendees to try out.

According to Lance James – a producer for Versus Evil – At Sundown is a unique stealth-driven top-down multiplayer shooter that promises “dynamic twists and turns” throughout the game. The game seems to take place on maps that are covered in darkness, where the light is actually your enemy. Players can team up with four friends in online or local multiplayer to duke it out. There are a variety of maps to be played on, each with their own light mechanics, and players can unlock new zones and weapons as they progress.

According to Versus Evil, power-ups and rewards will spawn depending on the map that give players extra boosts. Players that want to get their hands on the game early can find Versus Evil at this year’s PlayStation Experience in Anaheim.

Alongside the information on the new game, the team at Versus Evil also announced that Let Them Come – a fast-paced pixel art shoot em’ up – will be coming to the PlayStation 4 on December 5 for just $7.99. The game promises to be simple, but ‘hard to master” in nature. Players must take down a variety of alien creatures using the creative weapons they’re given, and the game looks to feature retro backdrops and be the shooter on steroids that players want.

Make sure to stay tuned for more information on At Sundown, and expect Let Them Come to hit the PlayStation Store early next month.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]