The Latest Update to Final Fantasy XIV Adds a New PvP Mode, Out Now

Square Enix has launched the latest patch for its MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV Online, and with it comes a ton of changes to the game, including a brand new PvP encounter. Alongside the 4.15 patch, the new Rival Wings mode sees two teams duking it out in an arena in order to win territorial supremacy.

The latest addition to the online game, Rival Wings has teams of 24 fighting with each other to destroy their opponent’s towers. Much like a MOBA, once the tower is down, the opposing teams core will drop, making it vulnerable to attack. Throughout the battle, players will also be able to collect Ceruleum on the map, which allows them to power up and pilot various machines lying on the battlefield.

For those who have yet to subscribe to Final Fantasy XIV Online, the newest Rival Wings mode is available to anyone playing the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial, which allows players to play the complete game up until they reach level 35.

While the Rival Wings mode is one of the biggest additions to Final Fantasy XIV, the 4.15 patch also brings with it Season 6 of the competitive PvP mode The Feast. Season 6 will run until the release of Patch 4.2, and adventurers are able to enter the arena and climb through the ranks to earn new armor and weapons once they update the game.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now.

What do you think about the latest update to Final Fantasy XIV? Are you ready to jump in and explore the new PvP mode? Let us know in the comments below.