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Gintama Rumble Shows the Wacky Special Moves and Pachinko Slot System

Gintama Rumble special moves Gintoki Kamehameha

Bandai Namco has updated the Japanese official site for their upcoming Gintama action game Gintama Rumble with a couple of new gameplay information. After the earlier information showed the more serious storyline, it’s time for Gintama Rumble to showcase its Gintama-trademark wackiness.

As you can see in the picture above, Gintoki is preparing to launch a Kamehameha attack. It turns out that this parody is actually included in the game as a Special Move. In Gintama Rumble, characters will have a specific gauge for Special Move that will let them unleash it when filled out. Although these attacks are powerful, each character will have different methods to fill the gauge. And as you can see on the page, these Special Moves are so wacky, from Shinpachi literally turning into eyeglasses, Toshiro shooting a mayonnaise beam bazooka, Nobume kicking a can with full power, and Tsukuyo fighting while getting drunk.

Gintama Rumble will also have Gintama Pachinko, which is an in-game slot machine that does not require coins to play, but will instead activate when clearing missions that are marked with a Gintama Pachinko requirement slot. Once fulfilled, the Pachinko will be rolled to give varying effects, from advantageous ones like invulnerability, super armor, and huge attack boost, to highly detrimental ones such as turning on Mosaic Mode where the game screen will get pixelated badly.

While we have previously likened Gintama Rumble to Dynasty Warriors, with this recent news it is shaping up to look more like Capcom’s Sengoku Basara instead; especially due to the latter slot system which did exist in Basara as well. Gintama Rumble will be released on PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan on January 18, 2018. It will be also released in English for Southeast Asia on the same day, but the English version will only be available on the PS4.

[Source: Bandai Namco]