Gintama Rumble Dragon Ball Z

This Gintama Rumble Trailer Definitely Doesn’t Feature Dragon Ball Z Characters

Bandai Namco Southeast Asia has just released a new commercial for Gintama Rumble. Most of the scenes seems standard for the newly released PS4 action title, but things take a pretty crazy twist near the end. As players can see in the commercial itself, some totally original anime villains show up that are definitely not like Frieza and Cell from Dragon Ball Z. It’s a hilarious inclusion, and one that goes perfectly with the manga’s sense of humor. Gintama Rumble releases today in Asia, so this new commercial is part of one final marketing push.

Check out the latest Gintama Rumble commercial to see the cameo for yourself:

For more on the upcoming action game, check out the most recent character confirmations:

Bandai Namco is publishing a new major information batch of Gintama Rumble in the latest Jump magazine. As reported by Ryokutya, Sakamoto Tatsuma has been confirmed added to the playable character list, bringing the current total to 12. He excels on gunfire and will have a medium-ranged moveset.

The final arc of the Gintama Chronicle mode that features eight famous arcs from the Gintama storyline has also been confirmed as Rakuyou Decisive Battle arc, and it will have Batou as the enemy boss.

Gintama Rumble (preorder at Play-Asia using the code “PSLIFE” and save $3) will be released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on January 18, 2018. An English localization for Southeast Asia will be also released on the exact same day. However, it will be only available for PlayStation 4. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more