Check Out Gameplay of Two New Crucible Maps Coming to Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris

While we’re eagerly anticipating Bungie announcing new details about endgame changes and player feedback today, we’re releasing the final videos from our preview gameplay session of Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris at Bungie studios. These videos show off two of the three new Crucible maps coming to Curse of Osiris for PS4 owners, with one being a PS4 exclusive map. The third map is one we are sworn to secrecy on until release of the expansion.

Wormhaven takes place deep inside the Arcology on Titan. There are no Crucible maps on Titan currently, so this is quite a departure from the environments that we’re used to. The internal location juxtaposes the futuristic neo-tech environment with the dark organic chitin of the Hive. The inside of the Arcology isn’t explored much in Destiny 2’s current activities, so it will be nice to have another reason to enter this strange relic of the Golden Age.

Pacifica is the PS4 exclusive map and brings players to the platforms on the surface of Titan. The maze of platforms and narrow hallways makes for a lot of really close-quarters encounters. The rainy storms of Titan whip around the outside of the area, while dipping side opens things up a little bit more. It may seem odd that two of the maps coming with Curse of Osiris are on Titan, but worry not. The final Crucible map will be on Mercury, rooted in some of the Curse of Osiris lore. It’s hard to give complete impressions of these maps after only playing a single mode on each of them a couple of times, and the state of PVP may be changing soon, which could impact how the maps feel.

We previously showed off the first mission in the Curse of Osiris campaign and gave our thoughts on the story, location, and characters. Last week we showcased some of the new activities available on the new Mercury patrol location and gave our impressions of things there will be to do. Instead of the final live stream today, Bungie will be releasing a lot of news about endgame changes and the state of the game. We’re eagerly awaiting this transparency and communication, so enjoy these Crucible videos while you wait for a preview of the next chapter in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris previewed at Bungie. Travel and accommodations provided by Activision.