Sir Daniel is Back! MediEvil is Coming to PlayStation 4

Sir Daniel is back! Sony announced that MediEvil is coming to PlayStation 4. The new title will be a remastered version of the PlayStation classic. Not much is know, as “more details” were teased to be coming soon, but we do know that it will support 4K. The series hasn’t been seen since a PlayStation Portable port of the original title, although Sir Daniel did appear in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Check out the trailer for the new MediEvil PS4 game below:

For more on Sir Daniel, check out our bio on the character who last appeared as part of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale:

Name: Sir Daniel Fortesque

Origin: Much like a modern day games journalist, Sir Daniel Fortesque loved to spin tales, telling fanciful stories that made him seem brave and noble. Unfortunately for him, the king actually believed him, and chose Fortesque to lead an army against the evil necromancer Zarok. Just as the great battle began, an arrow hit Fortesque in the eye, making him the first casualty. While the ‘good’ side won, the king was embarrassed by how his general had died and told everyone of how the knight went down fighting, after killing many a demon.

A 100 years later Zarok returns, plunging Gallowmere into darkness and raising the dead. In doing so, he accidentally resurrects Fortesque (now a skeleton), who is forced to try to be an actual hero.

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