PSA: Get a Free Rez Infinite Dynamic PS4 Theme Through January 12

While it was announced last month for Europe and Japan, the Rez Infinite Singularity dynamic PS4 theme is available for North American users as well. The theme celebrates the anniversary of Rez Infinite, which release last year. The Singularity theme is different from the Area X theme that was free last month.

The Singularity theme is a scene from the end of the game after the beating the special Area X level. You can download it by visiting the PlayStation Store. You can see a video of the Rez Infinite dynamic PS4 theme in action below.

We highly enjoyed Rez Infinite when it released last year, and while it can be played on a flat screen, we recommend the experience in virtual reality. Here’s a snippet from our review.

Area X takes Rez Infinite off-rails, allowing free flying through 3D space, a stunning a display of visuals even more bright and detailed than the main campaign. The variety of enemies that I faced in Area X presents an even greater challenge than the standard levels, and the ability to fly freely throughout the level opened up unique opportunities to take them on. The soundtrack created here is completely up to the player, differing depending on the path taken, and the explosions of defeated enemies see the world become a veritable light show, all of which becomes even more immersive through PlayStation VR and a good set of headphones. Best part of all? Despite the high amount of motion present, I never felt myself feeling ill or discomforted at all at anytime during Rez Infinite.

Rez Infinite is the latest in the continued evolution of Rez. One can hardly call it a sequel, because a large core is made up of Rez and Rez HD content, but Area X proves that the game can evolve without the original content becoming stale or irrelevant. With or without PlayStation VR, Rez Infinite is an incredible revival of a classic best, but given the choice, I’d much prefer to immerse myself with the headset on my head, finding the ultimate incarnation of Rez’s synesthesia in virtual reality.

Are you going to pick up the Rez Infinite dynamic PS4 theme?