Activision Pulls Transformers Games From Digital Stores

Twitter user RobotBrush has pointed out that Activision has been pulling Transformers video games from digital stores. Pulled titles include Platinum Games’ Transformers Devastation and The Legend of Korra. At the time of this writing, the following titles are no longer available on Steam or PlayStation Store (though some are appearing on other digital storefronts including Microsoft’s):

It’s possible that these games were removed due to licensing but Activision has yet to release an official statement.

While The Legend of Korra didn’t exactly woo us over, Transformers Devastation was a good romp as we noted in our review:

Despite the somewhat shallow story, lack of game modes, and the annoying difficulty level, Transformers Devastation is a fun, action-packed game. Its loot system allows for the customization of characters, and its graphics and dialogue offer a great trip down memory lane.

Activision acknowledged back in 2015 that Devastation wasn’t without its flaws, and said that it’ll take fan feedback into consideration when working on future Transformers titles.

What comes next remains to be seen but we’ll update our readers when we have more info.

[Source: ResetEra via Kotaku]