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Recent Consumer Survey Claims Almost Half of European Gamers Like to Replay Classic Games

It’s safe to say that Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy was a sales success in Europe. Not only did it consistently appear in the region’s weekly top charts post release, it was also one of the most downloaded PlayStation 4 games of 2017, according to Sony.

When Ipsos MORI decided to present a survey about retro gaming to consumers from UK, Spain, France and Germany, the results seemed to explain the success of retro products (including NES and SNES mini) and remasters in these countries. A whopping 49% of those surveyed (online, face-to-face, and over-the-phone) said that they enjoyed replaying classic games from days of yore, and that nostalgia is one the reasons behind their purchases. In addition, 41% of the respondents said that they would like to play games that they missed the first time around.

These results don’t necessarily mean that those surveyed believe older games are better than modern ones, however. According to Ipsos MORI, only 22% of respondents think classic games are better than modern ones, and at least 45% of players believe that realistic graphics are an important aspect of a game.

Interestingly, 38% of respondents admitted that they felt disappointed after revisiting classic games from their youth as they weren’t as good as they remembered them.

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[Source: Games Industry]