Castaway Paradise Brings Animal Crossing-style Gameplay to PS4

PlayStation gamers have dreamed of Animal Crossing PS4 for years now, and while that won’t ever officially happen, we now have a solid consolation prize. The PEGI website has listed that life simulator Castaway Paradise is coming to PlayStation 4. While the port hasn’t been officially announced, it was given an age rating of 3 (which means it’s “suitable for all persons”). This console version shouldn’t come as a total surprise, as the PC version of Castaway Paradise received full controller support in August 2017.

If you’re not familiar with the game, check out the Steam release trailer to take a look at some gameplay:

For more on the game, check out the official description from the game’s Steam page:

Your adventure starts when you get stranded on a tropical island. This is your island, your adventure! Do whatever you like! It’s the ultimate Sandbox sim! Do you like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon? Castaway Paradise is the game for you!


You can spend your days doing fun activities such as catching bugs and fishing. Try to make a bigger catch than your friends and make your collections complete!


Farm your own home-grown fresh crops! Rake the ground, plant the seeds and give them some water. You can also decorate your island with beautiful plants and flowers or grow fruit trees.


Endlessly combine outfits, hats, dresses, shoes and other clothing to reflect your personality, or create a funny outfit just for the laughs!


After the devastating storm, the island needs some renovation! You can place items from a lot of different theme packs and make the island your idea of paradise!


Throughout the year, special events and holidays will occur like Christmas and Halloween. Around the winter holidays for example, the island will be covered in snow, and you can help the villagers by decorating all the houses and the rest of the island.


Befriend the quirky villagers and help them by engaging on quests for them. They will reward you with great gifts! You can also just chat with them to get to know them better.

Castaway Paradise will release for PlayStation 4 in 2018.