Destiny 2 Crimson Days Event Could Be Coming in February

Note that the above image is from Destiny 1 Crimson Days. Bungie has not released any promotional material or even announced this year’s event.

Known among Destiny players, Crimson Days is an event that focused on pairing people up for 2v2 matches in the Crucible (called Crimson Doubles) and decking things out in red and flowers. It’s effectively Bungie’s way of saying “Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your significant other is a gamer, but if they aren’t, or you’re all alone, come play this limited time event for fun rewards.” I really should be taking my wife out for dinner or something, but delivery and doubles will have to cut it.

Recently added to the Destiny 2’s files (probably via the patch that took the servers down last week) are new exotic weapon ornaments. While that’s not particularly noteworthy, these ornament icons have the Crimson Days icon in the upper left corner, insinuating that they are rewards for that limited time event. Might Destiny 2 Crimson Days be on the way?

Back in Destiny 1, Crimson Doubles was a 2v2 playlist that provided the surviving player with a special buff when their teammate fell in combat. Based on the information we currently have, we don’t know if Crimson Days will be just like it was before, or if Bungie will be changing things around a bit for its outing in Destiny 2.

Here are the new exotic weapon ornaments that have been found in the game files:

  • Prometheus Lens – Prism Ornament
  • Sweet Business – Go About Your Business Ornament
  • Graviton Lance – Carina Nebula Ornament
  • Wardcliff Coil – Dieselpunk Ornament

Destiny 2 Crimson Days

This rumor could also have something to do with the recently update Rumble description in the Destiny 2 files, which hints at the free-for-all mode making a return in the sequel. Mayhem made a return for the Dawning event, so it’s not crazy to think that this new event will bring with it a new game mode, although that would be an odd message for Bungie to send, linking a free-for-all game type with a holiday that is supposed to be about couples. Maybe Doubles and Rumble will both be there, for those with someone, and those without.

Stay tuned this week, as Bungie is set to announce another big development update–their biggest since the December State of the Game post that they did. Most fans are hoping this will address complaints that most of Destiny 2’s best rewards are behind Eververse, and that accomplishments simply feel meaningless in the game.