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New Attack on Titan 2 Multiplayer Features and Game Mode Revealed

Koei Tecmo has taken some time today to reveal upcoming features about the Attack on Titan 2 multiplayer mode that will be featured in the upcoming game. In the game, players will be able to either build friendships or create enemies in the new competitive PvP mode that allows players to fight against each other to claim the highest score and ascend the leaderboards.

According to Koei, Attack on Titan 2 will feature a brand new competitive multiplayer mode known as Annihilation Mode, that sees two teams of four Scouts competing to earn the highest score within a set time limit. Players can defeat Titans to earn points, but must also work together to earn chain bonuses as they fight. The ability to defense and build bases will also allow players to earn points, but players will have to fight each other as they try to use any tricks to their advantage to stop the opposing teams progress. Attack on Titan 2 will also feature online co-operative play, where players can use friends to help take on missions in the game.

For the first time, players will be able to create their own custom Scout in the game, putting them squarely into the action of Attack on Titan 2. Players will be able to utilize the various abilities found in the game to make sure they’re able to take out the Titans. For a bit more on that, make sure to check out below:

Players will be able to create their own custom Scout in Attack on Titan 2, an all-new addition to the series, offering a fresh perspective on the events of both seasons of the worldwide anime hit, ‘Attack on Titan’. With enhanced Titan movements, Scouts will have to strategically use a plethora of new abilities in order to survive; from evade-style attacks like the hook drive ability, to long-rage sneak attacks – carefully strategised with the help of the new monocular tool!

Additional RPG elements have been implemented into Attack on Titan 2’s Town Life segments; allowing players to build relationships with their favourite characters from the Attack on Titan universe to gain a deeper understanding of their comrades.

Attack on Titan 2 is set to launch on March 20, 2018.