the inpatient launch trailer

Watch The Inpatient Launch Trailer to Learn More About the Until Dawn Prequel

Until Dawn prequel The Inpatient is now available for PlayStation VR. Taking place in the 1950s, players get to experience the Blackwood Sanatorium in first-person.  Players take the role of a “patient with no knowledge of who you are or how you got to be there,” and it’ll feature choice-driven gameplay similar to Until Dawn. To celebrate the release, Sony just put out a new video showing off the thriller.

Watch the newly released The Inpatient launch trailer below:

For even more on the PlayStation VR thriller, check out our The Inpatient review. Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Chandler Wood had to say about the VR exclusive:

Run time is roughly two hours, though your mileage may vary. Different story points could potentially cut that short, but unless there’s some huge story path that I missed, I can’t see The Inpatient taking more than two or three hours to finish each time. I’m beginning to prefer the bite-sized VR experiences to those that go on for hours and hours, particularly if these smaller experiences offer replay value. Fortunately, The Inpatient begs to be played again and again, and while one playthrough may only keep me busy for a couple of hours, finding all of the collectibles, story branches, and getting the Platinum trophy will undoubtedly boost that number quite a bit.

The Inpatient is one of PSVR’s best. It’s a shining example of presence and engagement. The visuals impress and it uses a ton of clever tricks to fully immerse the player in the experience of living out Blackwood Sanatorium’s final days, making me feel like I was actually there. There are fun Easter eggs for those who have played Until Dawn, but The Inpatient can still be enjoyed without. The overall plot does fall flat in the final act as the scares give way to a less-than-exciting conclusion, but the branching possibilities means that even after two playthroughs, untold stories of the sanatorium still await me.

The Inpatient is available now exclusively for PlayStation VR.