PSA: Fortnite Getting New Update to Fix Issues Introduced by Latest Patch

Fortnite has been suffering from various issues since patch V.2.3.0, including but not limited to login errors and problems preventing players from partying with friends. At first, PlayStation Network’s brief downtime seemed to be the likely culprit but it soon emerged that the issues were affecting all platforms. The good news is that Epic has fixed login issues and is working to fully resolve the game’s social problems.

In addition to the above, the developer is releasing a new update (V.2.3.2) at 4am ET (1am PT, 9am GMT), which will eliminate the bugs introduced by V.2.3.0. Here’s what the patch does:

  • Mac hitching/freezing
  • Building mode being reset to the incorrect previous state (Reset Building Choice setting)
  • Building mode persisting if a player has it active in the lobby
  • Unable to pick up weapons when inside the collision of a recently killed player
  • Weapons stuck in reload animation
  • Removed MiniBoss marker from Rescue the Survivor mission in Stonewood

There won’t be any downtime but Epic says it’s still working to fully resolve all the issues currently plaguing Fortnite so sit tight, and keep an eye on the game’s Twitter page.

If you’re encountering issues other than the ones mentioned above, then make sure to report them on Fortnite‘s official forum.