Fortnite’s Social Features and Party Issues Fixed, Epic Apologizes to Fans

Fortnite has had a troubled weekend as the game continued to be impacted by downtimes, login issues, and unavailability of social features. A patch was deployed early morning on Saturday and login issues were resolved but players still couldn’t party with friends throughout the day.

Epic has now announced on Twitter that its latest fix seems to have resolved the problem.

On Reddit, Epic apologized to fans and revealed that it wasn’t prepared for the unexpected spike in player count over the past few days.

Fortnite has had another big bump in player count this week and we were not prepared for it,” wrote the studio. “We have had a ton of issues and we are working hard to getting them sorted. We can’t apologize to our players enough, and you can be sure that we are going to make this right. We can only ask you for your patience.”

If you’re continuing to experience the aforementioned problems then get in touch with Epic on Twitter.