For Honor Dedicated Servers Coming to PC This Month, Consoles Soon After

A couple of months ago, Ubisoft began testing the implementation of dedicated servers into For Honor, and now it looks like they’re ready to begin rolling them out. Earlier today, Ubisoft announced that dedicated server infrastructure will come to For Honor on the PC on February 19, and will be coming to consoles soon after that.

At launch, the dedicated servers will focus on PvP game modes and will fully remove the session migrations as well as the NAT requirements for games, while also eliminating the resyncing, which should result in a more stable experience and improved matchmaking.

“Changing the online infrastructure while the game was live was a challenge, but a decisive step in improving the game experience of our players,” said Damien Kieken, Game Director. “The implementation of the dedicated servers gives us confidence in the direction the game is taking and will pave the way for a full year of continued support and new contents.”

Of course, that’s not the only thing coming to For Honor, as the game is also set to introduce its fifth season, titled Age of Wolves, next week on February 15. For more information on what’s to come to Age of Wolves, check out below:

Season Five will also bring several quality of life updates including a new item that will boost XP in exchange for salvage, the shift of 4v4 Ranked Mode from Dominion to Tribute, a new reputation level cap, new gear progression and more. Age of Wolves will be the first season of a full year’s worth of content coming to For Honor in 2018.

For Honor is available now.