assault gunners hd edition ps4

Assault Gunners HD Edition Announced for PS4, Launching Next Month

Publisher and localizer Marvelous Europe have announced today that Assault Gunners, the Mech Battle game that was previously exclusive to Japan, will be getting an upgrade, and will be releasing worldwide on PlayStation 4 and PC next month on March 20, 2018. The game will not only feature HD visuals and effects, but will also include all of the game’s DLC at launch. You can check out a trailer for the game below.

When the game launches, Assault Gunners HD Edition will run players $9.99, but a complete edition – which includes all of the DLC – will be available for $11.99. Additionally, the Assault Gunners HD Edition Extra Pack will also be available for $4.99, and will include 15 campaign missions set after the original story, 3 additional inferno mode maps, 15 extra weapons, over 30 additional mech-parts, and 4 fully voice-acted Navigators by renowned Japanese voice actors.

For more information on the upcoming Assault Gunners HD Edition, check out a brief description below:

In ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION, it’s the year 208X and Mars is in the process of terraformation with an expected timeline of 300 years till completion. Back on Earth, a great war erupts and millions of migrants flee to Mars through the Planet Remodelling Project, which is accelerated with the aid of ANTS, a completely robotic automated system. The migrants build large dome-shaped colonies with now stable climates and rush to construct cities within them to sustain the flow of refugees. Time passes and the World Federation has set up military colonies on Deimos and Phobos, and the dwarf-planet Ceres is moved to Mars’ orbit to help create an ocean for the planet. One day, communication is suddenly lost with the surface of Mars and a Peace Keeping Force called DAT whom are currently training on Deimos are sent to investigate.

Assault Gunners HD Edition will launch worldwide on March 20, 2018.