Metal Gear Survive Update 1.02 Allows You to Play the Game You Bought

Despite a rocky first couple hours,  Metal Gear Survive is finally  available now, and players should be able to boot up the game and start killing some zombies. However, Konami quickly fixed the PlayStation 4-exclusive issue by releasing Metal Gear Survive update 1.02. Not only does it let players start the game they paid money for (a novel concept for sure), it also adds a “stability improvement.”

Here are the released patch notes for Metal Gear Survive update 1.02 and 1.01:

Metal Gear Survive update 1.02

  • Stability Improvement

Metal Gear Survive update 1.01

  • Stability Improvement
  • Balance Adjustment

For more on the newly released third-person action game, check out our Metal Gear Survive preview from E3 2017. Here’s a snippet of what I had to say after going hands-on with it.

While I only got to check out the cooperative multiplayer portion of Metal Gear Survive, there is a fully fledged single-player component. All of the rewards that players receive from the co-op sessions will feed back into the solo campaign, so players can then craft new weapons and gear. Konami wasn’t ready to detail the solo mode, but the solid multiplayer has me excited to learn more.

Some may want to dismiss Metal Gear Survive as a sort of cash grab by Konami, but it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into making this a worthwhile spin-off. It certainly helps to have the Metal Gear Solid V gameplay as an incredible base to start off with, but this new cooperative riff on that is a fresh experience. It’s coming along very nicely as its early 2018 release nears, and I can’t wait to see what the full game offers.

Metal Gear Survive is out now.