Dragon Ball FighterZ Update Roadmap Details Upcoming Patches

Dragon Ball FighterZ launched with some online issues, and fixes are on the way. “We’ve heard all of your feedback since the release, and we’re fully aware of the online issues that you’re having such as the matching in ‘Ring Match’ and being disconnected from the lobby,” announced producer Tomoko Hiroki in a new video detailing the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ update roadmap. “We’re aware of the situation and keen to resolve them with all our might.”

The game’s next patch is scheduled to release in late February, although Hiroki said that “this first patch might not fix everything at once.” Thus additional patches are planned for mid and late March to eliminate all online issues.

Check out the newly released Dragon Ball FighterZ update roadmap below:

For even more on the 2D fighting game, check out our Dragon Ball FighterZ review. Here’s a snippet of what our reviewer had to say:

FighterZ also includes a simplistic Arcade Mode that sees you doing battle against increasingly difficult teams of AI. Your results effect the path you take on the mode’s grid, moving to higher or lower difficulty routes after each match. As fun as the mode is, my only issue concerns the consistency of the challenge. I would almost defeat an opponent in one instance to then be pummeled by them in the ensuing rematch and the same goes for the somewhat inconsistent difficulty spikes between rounds. Throughout all the game modes, you’ll be earning Zeni which can be used to purchase Z Capsule packs that include cosmetic items like additional lobby characters and title cards.

If you’re looking for a fighter, there is simply nothing better on the market than Dragon Ball FighterZ in terms of what it offers as a 2D, high action brawler. If you don’t see yourself sinking a lot of time into the game, it still might be worth it down the line just to appreciate the level of detail and care that the developers at Arc System Works have so painstakingly put into this project. Regardless, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a worthy addition to the anime’s long-running line of fighter adaptations.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available now.