the blackout club ps4

Former BioShock Developers Form New Studio, Announce The Blackout Club

Question, a newly formed team of industry veterans including the Creative Director and Lead Writer of BioShock 2 and the Senior Gameplay Programmer of Dishonored, have announced their cooperative paranormal horror mystery The Blackout Club will be coming to PlayStation 4 sometime in Q1 2019.

The game is set in a small town with a huge secret, and follows a group of teens who have all been experiencing blackouts. When one of their friends go missing, the group begins to investigate things on their own, and in true paranormal mystery fashion, will likely find out some crazy things on their journey throughout the game. According to developers Question, players will be able to sneak out of their homes and go on surveillance missions filled with procedurally generated elements including different objectives, enemies, and more.

For more on the upcoming The Blackout Club, make sure to check out a brief description of the game below:

Surviving the dangers of night will require intelligence, improvisation, and skill. Sleepwalking adults that could be their neighbors or relatives now seek to drag them underground. Players must create and coordinate diversions and use other tactics to break the enemy’s vice-like grip. The last player left standing must avoid attracting the attention of an even more dangerous entity – one that pursues its prey relentlessly – one that can’t be seen with open eyes…
Player characters will be customizable with a variety of powers and equipment loadouts. Every member of the group will play a distinct role and utilize devices like drones or deployable traps to outwit their foes and gather evidence of their crimes. When the mission is complete, players will head back to the hideout, where they can level up and acquire new abilities for use on future outings.

The Blackout Club will release sometime in Q1 2019.