Battlefield Devs Approaching Loot Boxes With Caution in Upcoming Title

A person close to the development of the next Battlefield game has told Kotaku that recent controversies have resulted in the developers approaching loot boxes with caution. A US Gamer article from earlier this week revealed that the upcoming game, reportedly titled Battlefield V, will feature cosmetic loot boxes – a claim that Kotaku’s sources say is accurate but premature as nothing is set in stone yet.

“No one’s gonna do any pay-to-win stuff anymore,” said a person familiar with the development plans. “We didn’t take any of the loot box controversy lightly.”

While the developers aim to stick to cosmetic loot boxes, Kotaku’s sources say that US Gamer’s report is “making a conclusion about something that is still inconclusive.” In other words, plans may change prior to the game’s release.

The backlash that ensued following Star Wars Battlefront II‘s loot box disaster prompted involvement from various industry bodies and politicians. As a result, companies have become increasingly cautious about microtransactions. Back in January, a Kotaku report stated that a number of studios, including Anthem developer BioWare, are “reexamining their plans for microtransactions in future games.”

We’re still awaiting details about the next Battlefield, and will keep our readers posted.

[Source: Kotaku]

(Note: the image above is from Battlefield 1)