NieR Automata secret in 1st anniversary Famitsu

One Year Has Passed Since NieR: Automata’s Release and There is Still an Unknown Secret Hidden Inside

NieR Automata secret in 1st anniversary Famitsu

One year has passed since Square Enix had released NieR: Automata, at least it has already passed in Japan and it will very soon in America. It was first released in Japan on February 23, 2017, then it came to North America on March 7 and PAL regions on March 10.

To celebrate this occasion, this week’s Weekly Famitsu magazine has a special coverage to celebrate NieR: Automata‘s first anniversary. This article has a long interview session with ten core staff members of the game, including Yoko Taro, Yosuke Saito, Takahisa Taura, and Isao Negishi.

In an early excerpt of the interview that has been posted by the Japanese news blog Ryokutya, the team has disclosed a secret on NieR: Automata that has not been found out by anyone worldwide yet even after the game has been released worldwide a year ago. We have translated the excerpt as follows:

Famitsu: Is there a secret in NieR [Automata] that still has not been known in the world yet?

Taura: You can press R3 + D-pad to change the camera distance without having to enter Options menu.

Yoko: Be advised that if you use that, it will cause a camera-related bug. After we had a deliberation, we decided to leave it intact because it is also NieR-like. […] Is that still haven’t found out yet?

Negishi: People still haven’t found it yet, and it’d be a definitely terrible thing so we didn’t publicize it.

Yoko: There were quite a lot of circumstances happening so we inserted it as-is, but it still hasn’t been spoiled yet. […] If I mentioned them in detail there would be problems happening, so I let that be the secret of NieR: Automata

Famitsu also asked the team on whether there is an ex-Cavia staff currently working in PlatinumGames. Negishi confirms that there is a staff working there named Kure, who also helped a bit in NieR: Automata by creating fields. Yoko Taro noted that Kure was his junior in the same university, and they also worked in Namco together with Okabe.

If you haven’t checked out NieR: Automata yet, you definitely should do so. This game is so amazing that it even won our 2017 Game of the Year award!

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