Report: Multiple Kingdom Hearts III Worlds Leaked, Possible Trailer Featuring Jungle Book Next Month

It’s the season of leaks, some of which may be correct, and many more that are false. As developers gear up to show their games at various conferences and expos, it becomes much more difficult to compartmentalize information, and we try as best we can to parse those leaks and bring you the more credible rumors from around the industry. The latest leak comes from a few sources (one of which is actually a few months old, but is just now catching people’s attention), alleging a few new Kingdom Hearts III worlds and the possibility of a brand new trailer in April.

The first leak comes from a Reddit post back in December. The post was made by the same user that originally leaked the early Monsters Inc. images, now confirmed to be a Kingdom Hearts III world, so the accuracy of this previous post is resurfacing. You can read the full post at the link above, but the relevant info is that some of the files on an FTP server have references to Frozen and the 100 Acre Wood. Kingdom Hearts III seems to be embracing a lot of newer Pixar and Disney Animation 3D films (Big Hero 6, Monsters Inc., Tangled, Toy Story), so the addition of Frozen would make a lot of sense. The 100 Acre Wood has been in four Kingdom Hearts games, and is a staple of the main numbered console titles, so it also makes sense that it would return in some way.

The second leak should be taken with quite a bit more salt. The rumor was posted on 4Chan (yeah, I know, so much credibility) and ResetEra about an outsourced trailer currently being worked on featuring a Jungle Book world and characters from the old film. Due to the rumor being completely unsubstantiated and unverifiable, we’re leaving out the nitty-gritty details, but you can head over to the links above if you want to see more about what the leaker alleges we’ll see in a trailer next month. Take a big dose of sodium before diving down that rabbit hole though.

What Kingdom Hearts III worlds do you want to see officially revealed? Do you like the direction that Disney and Square Enix are going with the newer 3D animated films, or would you like to see them explore other Disney properties?

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