Battlefield 1 CTE Won’t Return to Consoles, DICE Promises ‘Exciting News’

About 7 months after Battlefield 1‘s Community Test Environment (CTE) launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, DICE has announced that it will no longer be returning to consoles. This news comes after a brief hiatus for the CTE, which is now going to be available on PC only.

In a Reddit post this week, DICE told fans that content deployed on the PC CTE isn’t guaranteed to be released but that any planned changes will be made across the board. While the developer doesn’t make it clear why it’s shutting down console CTE, it’s understandable as the team is probably winding up work on the game as it gears up for the next Battlefield‘s launch.

“We are always striving for parity across platforms, but need to focus our CTE efforts on PC at the moment,” said DICE while promising fans that it’ll have some “exciting news” for Battlefield players soon. The studio is likely referring to details about the upcoming installment.

According to recent reports, the next game is titled Battlefield V, and it will bring the series back to World War II. The game is scheduled to launch towards the end of this year.

As usual, we’ll update our readers when we have more details.

[Source: Reddit]