Czech University to Use Kingdom Come: Deliverance in Medieval History Course

Kingdom Come: Deliverance developer Daniel Vavra has revealed that Warhorse Studios’ RPG will be used by Czech university, Masaryk (Muni), in a medieval history course.

Announcing the news on Twitter, Vavra fired some shots at critics who have contested the developer’s historical accuracy claim, especially with regards to the presence of people of color in 15th century Bohemia. He wrote:

In a separate tweet, Vavra revealed that Warhorse consulted up to 20 experts in various fields when developing the game, including archaeology. He’s previously said that the studio also sought assistance from historians and university academics.

Warhorse’s historical accuracy claim sparked a debate online. Many accused Kingdom Come: Deliverance of distorting history while others felt that the developers were being unfairly targeted by those who have limited knowledge of Czech Republic’s history.

Vavra has also accused video game forum, ResetEra, of banning anyone who supports him.

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