View the Full List of Valkyria Chronicles 4 Trophies

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is out this week in Japan, and now an English trophy set for the role-playing game has surfaced. The list of trophies reveal that the game will have a Platinum for fans to unlock, and that players will have to S rank all missions if they hope to earn it.

Check out the full list of Valkyria Chronicles 4 trophies below:


  • Valkyrian Chronicler

    Obtained all trophies.


  • War Correspondent

    Watched all event scenes.
  • War Hero

    Obtained all decorations.
  • The Empire’s Worst Nightmare

    Obtained S ranks on all missions.
  • Devotion

    Completed ch. 18, and ended Belgar’s dark ambitions.
  • True Rangers

    All of your classes were upgraded to max level.


  • Legendary Soldier

    One of your classes was promoted to Paragon status.
  • The Federation’s Secret Weapon

    Obtained all ship parts.
  • Ultimate Tank Squad

    Obtained all tank parts.
  • Arms Racer

    Obtained all infantry weapons.
  • Squad E, All Present

    Recruited all squad members.
  • Agent of Destruction

    Defeated 1000 enemy units.
  • Ace Killer

    Defeated 15 enemy aces.
  • Pride of the Federation

    Obtained S ranks on 20 missions.
  • Our War’s End

    Kept your promise with Riley Miller.
  • Military Exemplar

    Learned all orders.


  • Capable Commander

    Obtained an S rank on a mission for the first time.
  • Veteran Soldier

    One of your classes was promoted to Elite status.
  • War Profiteer

    Obtained over 1,000,000 DCT.
  • Damage Control

    Completed 10 missions without anyone in critical condition.
  • Naval Coordination

    Gave ship orders 15 times.
  • Follow my lead!

    Gave direct commands 15 times.
  • That’s an order, soldier!

    Gave orders 15 times.
  • The Hafen Reborn

    Developed the Hafen into a heavy tank.
  • Upward Mobility

    One of your squadmates was promoted to Corporal.
  • A Fruitful Chat

    Learned an order at the mess hall for the first time.
  • First of Many

    Used R&D for the first time.
  • Hidden Depths

    Completed a squad story for the first time.
  • Daring Rescuer

    Rescued 10 allies in critical condition.
  • Ace Fighter

    Defeated an enemy ace for the first time.
  • The Final Choice

    Completed ch. 17, and witnessed the end of the war.
  • A Reason to Fight

    Completed ch. 15, and defeated both Walz and Crymaria.
  • The Sea Fortress

    Completed ch. 11, and made it past the sea fortress.
  • A March in the Snow

    Completed ch. 7, and rendezvoused with the Centurion.
  • The Battle of Siegval

    Completed ch. 4, and won the battle of Siegval.
  • Martyr’s Courage

    Triggered a Last Stand 15 times.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 will release on March 21 in Japan for PlayStation 4, with the Nintendo Switch version coming later in the summer. The international release, which includes an Xbox One version, currently is set to release in 2018.

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