New Code Vein Screens Show the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood

Bandai Namco just released a ton of new screenshots for Code Vein, this time showing off the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood. The location is described as “a huge cathedral that calls out to lost lambs who end up wandering its halls forever.” Also seen is “The Successor of the Ribcage, a huge wolf-like creature, blocks the player’s path within the cathedral.” Sadly, there are no new screenshots showing off Domino’s pizza.

Check out the new Code Vein screens below:

For more on Code Vein, check out some new details about a new map and attack that were revealed recently:

The newest Blood Veil, the Ivy Blood Veil, unleashes a swift attack that produce thorns that emerge from the ground and pierce enemies from afar. The Ivy Blood Veil joins the previously announced Hound, Ogre, and Stinger Veils. All Blood Veils will offer their own attack power and range of use, and players will be able to swap out Veils as they go to allow for more strategic battles.

As for the map, The Ridge of Frozen Souls is described as a “harrowing mountain pass” complete with limited visibility, narrow ledges, deep snow, and ice-covered caves. Players will also have to fight against a massive armored enemy found deep within the Ridge. The imposing enemy is fast, has rocket boosters attached to its back, and also comes equipped with a heavy shield to rush players down with.

Code Vein will release later this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.