Latest Trailer for Overkill’s The Walking Dead Reveals Maya

Earlier today, a brand new cinematic trailer was released for Overkill’s The Walking Dead, the upcoming cooperative first-person shooter based on the famous graphic novels. In the trailer, we get a pretty good look at who Maya was before a massive zombie outbreak, where it’s revealed that was a nurse working during the initial outbreak.

You can check out the new trailer below:

For those unaware, the game will be in a similar vein as the other Overkill games such as Payday and allow four players to jump into a world and try to survive. The game’s four characters all have different skill trees and abilities to use, and while none of that has been revealed fully, we’ll likely be getting more information on it as time goes on.

For more information on Overkill’s upcoming The Walking Dead, check out below:

Inspired by the rich story universe of Robert Kirkman’s original graphic novels, OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead is a four-player co-op multiplayer FPS action game set in Washington, D.C., as an outbreak brings the dead back to life. In this test of strategy and endurance, players will band together with up to three friends on a variety of missions and raids, securing supplies and survivors to strengthen their base camp against the threat of both the dead and the living – by any means necessary.

Each playable character has their own special abilities, skill trees, squad roles, play styles and background stories. Now they all share a common objective where survival and teamwork is paramount. The action is close-up and intense: take out enemies carefully with silent melee attacks or go in guns blazing. You need to be able to improvise, as nothing is certain, and a horde of walkers is always around the corner.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead is slated to launch sometime in Fall 2018.