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Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is Being Overhauled, Campaign Will Arrive in Fall

CD Projekt RED has announced that The Witcher‘s standalone Gwent game is set to undergo a major overhaul, following which it’ll come out of beta alongside its much-awaited single-player campaign, Thronebreaker.

In a blog post, Studio head Marcin Iwinski termed the project Homecoming, and said that it’ll bring Gwent back to the team’s original vision. We’re told that 6 months of “fully-focused development” is required to deliver what fans have been promised, and during this time, only two updates will be released.

The first update will be out this month and will include the missing Premium Cards as well as faction-specific board skins. The second update will be out in May and will focus on balancing the game with a new approach to “Create.”

“We have never accepted ‘good enough’ at our company,” wrote Iwinski. “We have always taken risks and made bold decisions if we believed they would result in a better game.”

CD Projekt RED has outlined the following key pillars for Homecoming:

  • Turning Gwent into a battlefield
  • Upgrading the board
  • Fixing the coin mechanic
  • Revamping player progression
  • Focusing on skill and player agency
  • Re-focusing on core gamers
  • Bringing back The Witcher
  • Thronebreaker

Details on each of the above are available on the studio’s blog so make sure to check it out.