Destiny 2: Warmind Map Leaks Out, Reveals Secret Collectibles on Mars

While it was probably part of the embargo from the Warmind footage captured at the Destiny Community Summit (maps and menus often are), the map of Hellas Basin on Mars nevertheless ended up slipping into someone’s video without being edited out. The original video has been pulled and re-edited, but this being the internet, somebody on Reddit managed to capture an image before that happened.

The area where the three green dots are (Glacial Drift) is likely the area we’ve seen where Escalation Protocol–the new wave-based mode–takes place. In addition to that main space, we’ve got the Braytech Futurescape, which appears to be where Ana Bray will be stationed as the destination vendor and NPC. Opposite the Futurescape is the Alton Dynamo and Hellas View. Far to the left is a no man’s land called Dynamo Approach, and the area below Glacial Drift can’t fully be seen in the image.

One of the biggest criticisms about Curse of Osiris was the exceptionally small destination map on Mercury. Summit attendees described this new map as larger than Mercury, probably more similar to the size of the Titan map from the base game. Given that it’s a thawing research facility, there are probably a number of hidden passages that go down below the map. One of the developers from Vicarious Visions (assisting Bungie with this expansion) indicated there are a lot of secrets hidden within Warmind.

If you look on the right side of the map, it says 0/45 data recovered. This is probably referring to the hidden objects that DeeJ casually mentioned not mentioning during the Warmind reveal live stream. We’re not sure what prominence these collectibles will have yet, but with a prominent tracker, the are certain to do something. There are two landing zones and the ability to pull out your sparrow fro travel, so we can expect something larger and more interesting than Mercury was.

For a higher resolution view of the map, click on the image below:

Destiny 2 Warmind Map mars map

Bungie took to their blog yesterday to detail the coming Exotic Masterworks that are coming alongside Warmind and Season 3 on May 8. There’s only another week and a half until we get to explore the Destiny 2 Warmind map in the Hellas Basin on Mars. What secrets do you think we’ll discover there?

[Source: Reddit]