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God Of War Collector’s Edition Map Contains a Clever, Hidden Puzzle

Warning: This article contains spoilers.

Considering how vast and immersive God of War is, players were bound to look for – and be rewarded with – plenty of secrets and hidden objectives throughout the game.

What very few people expected was to find a puzzle accessible only in physical form (as opposed to exclusively within the game). And that’s exactly what happened when some very loyal fans uncovered a riddle in God of War’s physical map, which is only available in the game’s Collector’s Edition.

It all started with YouTuber BRKsEDU after he discovered a cleverly designed puzzle within the map’s many runes. With the help of in-game alphabets to decipher a complex riddle, the scattered text tells the story of how Sindri and Brok started their journey for treasure.

This subsequently led loyal Reddit players to search for various treasures across the game as they slowly made progress with the riddle, with user SkipOneEBR uncovering the final clue within the physical map.

Annotated physical map, courtesy of SkipOneEBR:

god of war map

Puzzling letters essentially corresponded to steps throughout the map which retraced Brok and Sindri’s footsteps. This eventually led to the Muspelheim Temple, where players can unlock a rift containing a special pommel for Kratos’ axe.

You can read the full riddle here, courtesy of Kotaku.

This unexpected riddle is just one way Sony has gone above and beyond to make God of War a truly unforgettable experience. In addition, the studio has been updating the game with numerous bug fixes and performance improvements since its release.

Be sure to check out our full God of War review if you’re still on the fence. The game is out now exclusively on PlayStation 4, and it’s one we wholeheartedly recommend.

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