Remedy Will Finally Reveal Their New Game at E3 and It Will Include a PlayStation 4 Release

Remedy Entertainment, developer of awesome titles like Max Payne and Quantum Break, will finally reveal their upcoming game at E3. Coined as Project 7, Remedy will finally reveal the actual name of the game on said event.

And yes, it will finally include a PlayStation 4 release.

We haven’t seen Remedy creating any PlayStation titles since 2001 and 2003, with Max Payne and Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne being their last footprints on the PS, respectively. Now, with the studio dropping their long-standing partnership with Microsoft, they announced that they are ready to bring their games into the public with a new publisher.

That publisher will be 505 games, known for publishing games like Abzu and Terraria, and will be showcasing Project 7 as part of their E3 lineup. This will give the media and interested players a “first hands-off look” at this mystery game.

Remedy currently has 2 games in development, and Project 7 is believed to be launched next year. According to the analysis of job listings and product descriptions for Project 7, the company will still keep its classic cinematic focus all the while incorporating some online elements akin to Destiny.

E3 will start on June 12 this year.

[Source: PCGN]