Conan Battles a Robot Vacuum Cleaner and More in Funcom’s New Video Series

It looks like players will be having a blast in the PlayStation 4 version of Conan Exiles, coming out this month. Experiencing how to survive in a harsh world full of flora, fauna, and a large intricate environments will surely have fans spending hours upon hours playing the game.

But what if we reverse the situation? What if Conan himself went to our world? How would he survive?

Well, it seems like the company behind the game has an inkling as to what would happen. Funcom has just released 3 videos as part of the promotion of Conan Exiles. But the twist is, it’s Conan who’s going to try and take on living in this modern age. And well, just take a look at the videos yourself.

In the game, part of surviving is learning how to build stuff for you to use. So Funcom went and got Conan building a certain interesting Scandinavian furniture (probably part of IKEA’s special torture series? I dunno).

When asked about his experience, he actually replied, “I have found a book ten times more diabolical than the Necronomicon or the moldering scrolls of Skelos. It’s called Assembly Instructions.”

In the next video, we see Conan sneaking up upon some foul sorcery, a.k.a a robot vacuum cleaner. Good call in just slashing it Conan. Good Call.

And last but definitely not the least, we see Conan landing a hit on a metal bird demon. Or maybe it’s just an airplane. Well, at least he hit it, props for that.

And that’s that for the videos. Successful in surviving? Maybe. Funny? Definitely. Thanks, Funcom!

Conan Exiles will be coming to the PlayStation 4 this month. During the time it was in early access, the game has made several huge leaps of improvements. These include the world doubling in size and the addition of several new key features.

Conan Exiles will be out on the PlayStation 4 on May 8.