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Watch Dynasty Warriors 9’s Xu Shu Using His Original Sword Again in This DLC Trailer

Koei Tecmo has published another new Dynasty Warriors 9 gameplay trailer for the second out of three additional DLC weapons. A couple of days ago, they had published the first trailer for Zhang He’s Claws. This time it features Xu Shu’s original sword, which is known as Fencing Sword in Japan or Sword and Hook in the English release.

Since Xu Shu debuted in Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires, he had been using this thin sword which comes with a hooked blade that he can use to maneuver around. However, when Dynasty Warriors 9 was released worldwide last February, Xu Shu didn’t retain his unique sword and instead had to share Cao Cao’s General Sword, which was ironically added later in Dynasty Warriors 8.

The third and last weapon added in this upcoming weapon DLC pack for Dynasty Warriors 9 will be Emei Piercers for Wang Yi, and her gameplay trailer will be published on May 15. The DLC pack itself will be released on May 17.

In the coming months after this DLC pack has been released, Koei Tecmo plans to release one more DLC pack for Dynasty Warriors 9 which turns the four unique NPCs—Yuan Shu, Hua Xiong, Dong Bai, and Xiahouji—into playable characters, while also adding new scenarios related to them.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]