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Skate 3 Servers Mysteriously Return; Skate 4 on the Way?

Good news, Skate fans. Not only are the servers for Skate 3, for my money one of the finest skateboarding games around, back online, it’s got the rumor mill turning yet again with whisperings of Skate 4 coming our way. Surely not? Then again, why else would EA revive long-dormant servers?

Twitter has been abuzz with news that, yes, nearly every single online aspect from importing skaters to user-created Community Parks are now back on Skate 3. Inevitably, this has got people asking: what does this mean for Skate 4?

While fans have been hoping for a Skate 4 announcement for some time, this appears to be the first time we can really, really get excited about a sequel to Skate 3. E3 2018 is mere days away, and what better time to announce the return of a beloved franchise than at EA’s very own conference?

Let’s look at the case, against, though. I don’t want to dampen your dreams but Skate 3 has recently become backwards compatible *ahem* elsewhere. It may just be a case of a community wanting to kickflip and grind to their heart’s content, as well as introducing the series to a whole new generation of players who missed out the first time around.

But we can dream, can’t we? The Skate 3 server revival (which had the plug pulled on it back in 2016) seems too out of the blue, too darn convenient, to be anything other than a tease for Skate 4… doesn’t it? Let us know what you think down below!