Games Revealed at E3 That Never Saw a Release

Do you hear it? The leaks, the rumors, the tantalizing teasers? It’s the unmistakable whirlwind of buzz and excitement that precedes E3 (a/k/a gaming’s annual extravaganza) with each passing year. And 2018 is no different.

In the Sony camp, the PlayStation giant has whittled its guest list down to just four titles: Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Marvel’s Spider-Man. They’re the undisputed heavyweights of Sony’s AAA exclusives – ditto for Days Gone, which recently locked down a February 2019 release date after much anticipation.

Aside from Sony Bend’s apocalyptic title, over the years we’ve witnessed scores of megaton-sized announcements and crowd-pleasing moments capable of sending the entire industry into a collective tailspin, be it Final Fantasy VII‘s upcoming remake or Miyamoto wielding the Master Sword. However, there have been instances when an E3 title has slipped off the radar entirely.

And so, after recounting the biggest surprises in E3 history and those announcements that came bearing a truckload of potential, only to flop soon after release, we now turn our attention to those E3 titles that never saw the warm light of day.

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