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Kojima’s Glad He Announced Death Stranding Despite a “Tumultuous” Year

He had to get a lot done simultaneously.


Former Konami Europe President Shinji Hirano Joins Kojima Productions

It’s a reunion.


Death Stranding to Enter Development “In Full Swing” Next Year

Kojima-san waxes lyrical about the Decima engine.


You’re Not Alone, Mads Mikkelsen Doesn’t Understand Death Stranding Either

Mads is also confused.


PSX 2016 – Kojima Using Horizon Zero Dawn Engine for Death Stranding

Decima, it’s called.


Konami Cancelling Silent Hills After PT “Is One of the Most Moronic Things I’ve Ever Witnessed,” Says del Toro

Hideo Kojima talks Death Stranding and tweets a picture with Mads Mikkelsen.


The Game Awards 2016 – New Death Stranding Trailer Revealed, Running on PS4 Pro

Running in real time, on PS4 Pro!


Kojima Says Death Stranding Will Be Out Before Tokyo Olympics, Comments on Metal Gear Survive

He questions the role of zombies in Metal Gear.


Kojima: Death Stranding Includes An Open World, Some Online Elements

Kojima Productions has picked an engine, so they can now focus on development.


TGS 2016 – Death Stranding Will Support 4K and HDR

The rest was info for Japanese audience that we already know.


This Day in PlayStation History: Hideo Kojima Birthday!

Join us as we celebrate Kojima-san’s birthday — and exceptional contribution to the industry.


Death Stranding E3 Teaser Scene to Appear in Final Game, Kojima Productions’ Ludens Gets a Trailer

Ludens won’t appear in Death Stranding, by the way.


Hideo Kojima Believes Shorter Games Are the Future, Isn’t Sure If Death Stranding Will Be Episodic

He also talks about his decision to make a big game instead of a smaller one.


Hideo Kojima: “I’m Very Confident” Death Stranding Will Be My Best Work So Far

He took extreme measures to keep Death Stranding a secret.


Hideo Kojima Talks Death Stranding Theories, Says Sony Partnership Gave Him “A Lot of Freedom”

He didn’t have to make a presentation for Sony.


E3 2016 – Death Stranding Isn’t in Full Production yet, Could Be Considered an Action Game

They still need to find an engine.


E3 2016 – Sony Has Made A “Significant Investment” in Death Stranding

He had a vision for Death Stranding back in December.


Hideo Kojima on Death Stranding: “Still Far From Being Released,” Death Is About to Have a New Meaning

Kojima Productions gives a recap from some of his E3 interviews.


Death Stranding: An Analysis of Hideo Kojima’s New PlayStation Exclusive

William Blake. Beached whales. C-sections. More!


E3 2016 – Hideo Kojima Talks Death Stranding, Says It Will Have “A Lot of Action Elements”

“It probably will take some time” before Death Stranding is ready.