Fornite Epic Accounts Linked to PS4 Blocked From Switching Over to Other Consoles

Yesterday, we reported that Fortnite will not feature cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. While this move didn’t come as a surprise and is in line with Sony’s stance on cross-play with other consoles, players are now running into another roadblock that has attracted severe criticism not just from players but also from industry professionals.

Those who play, or have ever played, Fortnite on PS4 are completely blocked from using the same Epic account on other consoles even if they unlink their PSN account (vice versa). If you want to play the game on the go on Nintendo’s platform, you will have to create an entirely new account, which means that none of your purchases and progress can be transferred.

This problem seems to be exclusive to Sony as Epic accounts are usable between Xbox One, PC, and Switch so players can choose which platform they want to play on without losing anything.

“PlayStation, fix this,” wrote Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller. “Not allowing me to sign in to Fortnite Switch with my Epic account because it’s linked to PS4 is tone deaf and points more to fear than market dominance. It does the opposite of what you want – it makes me think about moving to Xbox for Fortnite.”

Players who eagerly awaited Fortnite‘s arrival on Switch to play the game on the portable have taken to social media to express their frustration, with many questioning why unlinking PSN accounts doesn’t remove the block.

Epic and Sony have yet to comment.

[Source: Polygon, Greg Miller (Twitter)]