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Kingdom Hearts 3 to Include ‘Hours Long’ Story Recap

Need a primer on the Kingdom Hearts story before heading into Kingdom Hearts 3? Series director Tetsuya Nomura has got you covered, promising a five-episode long story recap that will last for at least a few hours, according to a fan translation of a recent Famitsu interview. God help us all.

For those who (foolishly) skipped from Kingdom Hearts 1 to Kingdom Hearts 2 know only too well the confusion that awaits those preparing to play the series for the first time. There are so many overlapping narratives, double (and triple) crosses, plus time travel for some reason, that you’re going to need several chalkboards and a whole lot of free time just to work out the basic outline of the Kingdom Hearts story.

Thankfully, Kingdom Hearts 3 is getting a brief (of sorts) recap included in the game, as well as the Japanese version of the story summary going up online later this month, should you want to be confused even further.

Seemingly having no sort of self-awareness, or a dictionary definition of recap, Nomura says that the Kingdom Hearts story round-up will be presented in five parts. So, if you’re desperate to get your hands on playing Kingdom Hearts 3 before trying out any of the others, you should at least have some idea of what’s going on.

Honestly, after the whole Dream Drop Distance ending, my brain has sorta given up trying to decipher anything to do with the story. Xehanort = bad and Mickey = Mouse is about as far as I’ve got with the series.

[Source: DKH4 on Twitter]