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The Top E3 2018 Press Conference Announcements of Nothing

I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen more vague E3 presentations than I have for this year’s show. Several brand-spanking new announcements had literally nothing to say or show. Some games we already knew about still had vague trailers and presentations. And then there were those that were pretty much placeholders saying, “Hey this is a thing. Kthxbai.”

It was befuddling to say the least. At least it made some interesting commentary in the PSLS war room as we watched the various conferences together and hammered out who was going to write about what. Personally, I thought such vagueness would end with Bethesda’s press conference, but oh-ho, how very wrong I was.

After sorting through the many announcements at these pressers, here are the top E3 press conference announcements that say nothing. And yes, these span across ALL of the press conferences.

Did we miss any you thought were the vaguest of vague?

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