Fallout 76 Gameplay Trailer Brings Together The E3 Reveal’s Best Moments

If you missed out on Fallout 76 and its incredible full reveal at E3 2018 or, heck, just want to relive all of its best bits, this Fallout 76 gameplay trailer is for you. Collecting together a look at Vault 76, as well as the splendor of West Virginia and the other, nastier side of the landscape, this is one trailer not to be missed.

Opening up the 3-minute recap (which is essentially what it is, no new footage here, folks) is another peek at Vault 76 where, presumably, you’ll be spending a little bit of your time before heading out to the radiation-filled wasteland that was formerly West Virginia.

My favorite section, by far, however, comes with the sudden reeling off of beasties and other things that are going to go bump in the night. And the day. Pretty much whenever, really. There’s the headless tank-like Beast of Grafton, the nightmare fuel that is whatever the hell that spider/wasp hybrid is and, yep, there’s plenty more things wanted to take a few bites out of your face. Hold me.

November 14 may be a long way off but, by my count, you can watch that awesome Fallout 76 gameplay trailer roughly 68,000 times between now and then. Y’know, just in case.