Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two Out Now on PS4

Frontier Developments announced today that the second chapter of Elite Dangerous: Beyond is now out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Beyond marks the third season for the space exploration title, and is free for all players to experience. Alongside various core foundational changes, new in-game content has also been added throughout both chapters for players to access.

The release of Chapter Two of Elite Dangerous: Beyond brings with it a brand new Chieftain variant to the Alliance: the Alliance Challenger. Frontier Developments has also revealed that a selection of new wing missions, installation interactions, new settlements, and a cache of new Guardian weapons and technology will all be available to players once they get into the game.

All in all, a large number of new features are planned for this chapter, including:

New Ship: Challenger

The Alliance continue to refine their warships in the face of the looming Thargoid threat. The Alliance Challenger, envisaged as a frontline combat vessel, has stronger armour than its Chieftain counterpart and will be able to soak up a significant amount of punishment.

Wing Missions

First introduced in Chapter One of Beyond, we are introducing a range new Wing Mission types for you and your fellow Commanders to take on!

Installation Interactions

In a similar fashion to the Megaship interactions, which were introduced in Chapter One, Commanders will now be able to scan and interact with Space Installations.

  • Scan – Scanning the installation will allow Commanders to see what they can interact with: Turrets, Comms Arrays and Cargo Bays.
  • Turret hack – Disable turrets protecting other potential hackable points. This will deactivate security measures put in place to protect the Comms Arrays and Cargo Bays.
  • Comms array – Get tradable data from the Comms Array.
  • Cargo bay – Fire a limpet on the Cargo Bay to unlock and steal commodities and materials.

Tech Brokers

Tech Brokers will allow commanders to unlock large weapons versions of the existing guardian tech weapons. These Tech Brokers will issue missions to collect Guardian data as well as materials and then, once delivered, will unlock certain Guardian modules of weapons for purchase. Will you turn your weapons on Thargoid or use them to pirate rival Commanders?


Thargoids continue to be an intergalactic menace! With the Alliance introducing a new ship, the Thargoids intend to up their game too, introducing new Scouts that will buff other Scouts and increase their combat efficiency.

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter Two is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.