Blizzard Unveils the Latest Overwatch Hero, a Weaponized Hamster

After teasing us for the past week about the possibility of a new hero, Blizzard has finally delivered, revealing what looks to be a new hero for Overwatch. Better still is the fact that this new hero appears to be a very cute, likely very deadly hamster. In a new tweet posted moments ago, we see the same “boulder” from the last video roll up, pop into a stance, and begin firing off guns. Shortly after, a hamster pops out of the ball (get it? It’s a hamster ball!) and begins maniacally clapping and laughing.

As per usual, nothing else has been revealed about the character just yet, so we’re still unsure if it truly is the next hero in the game. If it is, it’ll mark the 28th hero to enter the game after the recently included Brigitte, and fans will almost immediately begin speculating as to what its role will be. As stated previously, fans have been speculating that the latest hero to enter the game would be an animal, named Hammond, who – in the Overwatch lore – was also experimented on alongside Winston.

Of course, judging by the huge armored hamster ball it carries itself in, it would make the most sense for the hero to play some sort of tank role, but only time will tell. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the reveal. Elsewhere in the world of Overwatch, Blizzard has taken time away from teasing fans to implement new changes to the social features of the game. Much of them center around the endorsement of players in an effort to further reinforce positivity amongst players.