Square Enix Business Division 8 Is Working on a PS4 Action-RPG

Once again, job listings give us insight into the games industry. Square Enix Business Division 8 recently posted a job requesting a Project Assistant for a PS4 and Nintendo Switch action RPG. Business Division 8 is the studio behind Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (for iOS), the Secret of Mana remake ( for PS4 and PS Vita), and Imperial SaGa (for web browsers). None of which is particularly exciting to fans. While the aforementioned Final Fantasy and Imperial SaGa are automatically victims of their platforms, as many gamers discount mobile and browser games, the Secret of Mana remake was flat-out poorly received by most fans/critics. So while this news is intriguing, I’m reserving my excitement.

The job posting reads as follows:

第8BDは、「FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS」や「聖剣伝説」、「Imperial SaGa」など開発・運営、「バハムートディスコ」などオリジナル作品の創出・クロスメディア展開、そしてワールドワイドでの配信を行っています。Nintendo Switch/PS4向けアクションRPGのプロジェクトアシスタント業務をお任せ致します。


Which can be roughly translated to:

The 8th BD develops and manages “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius,” “Seiken Densetsu” and “Imperial SaGa,” creates original works such as “Bahamut Disco,” develops cross-media, and distributes it worldwide. I will leave the project assistant task of action RPG for Nintendo Switch / PS4.

We will actively produce part of the project while supporting the producer about the production and promotion of the following games.

Are you excited at the thought of Square Enix’s Business Division 8 making an action RPG for PS4 and Nintendo Switch? Sound off in the comments below.