The Worlds of the Witcher and Samurai Jack Collide in Samurai Witcher Short

In the World of the Witcher, it’s fair to say the monster hunters serve a similar purpose as Samurai. The Samurai constitute a warrior caste, where they train and learn together. Within their class exists a unique culture, refined set of values, and ethical rules by which they govern themselves. Furthermore, valor and honor reign supreme among Samurai. Specialized warfare techniques and the wandering nature of rōnin (lordless Samurai) also bear similarities to the role of Witchers. The two were bound to collide.

The folks at Mashed took it upon themselves to make it happen. In the video short below, the worlds of the Witcher and Samurai Jack collide. The results are nothing short of astounding. Geralt of Rivia translates well to the animated style of Samurai Jack. Like battle prep in the game series, we see the White Wolf readying for battle by sharpening his blade and preparing the necessary oils.

This three-minute short oozes with style from start to finish as Geralt methodically fights a merciless Griffin. And it is the small details that truly stand out. From Geralt’s and the monster’s battle wounds to the wanted poster of Samurai Jack himself, every second features an eye-catching moment. It also proves that the Witcher would make for a fascinating animated or anime series. Netflix has a live-action show in the works, based solely on Andrzej Sapkowski’s beloved short story and book series from which the games are derived. But who wouldn’t mind exploring the world of the Witcher in other forms of media as well?

[Source via Game Informer]